Medical Education Scholars Program Blog

This blog serves as a central hub for program information including the seminar and workshop schedule, project assignments, and descriptions of the Teaching Scholars program, IRB information and resources,  It also allows you to share information and resources with one another or to submit assignments. The following is a list of examples of content you will find on this blog:

  • LINKS – The side menu contains links to search engines for locating scholarly resources on education research
  • LITERATURE – Samples of case studies in qualitative education research or readings for workshops will appear on the LITERATURE tab on the horizontal menu above.
  • IRB – IRB information and application forms
  • CALENDAR – Schedule of AMES\OMSE FID Series seminars and Teaching Scholars workshops
  • FINAL PRESENTATIONS – Information about the requirements for your final presentations, posters and Medical Education Research Day.
  • SHARE INFO – Please use this blog to share information and resources or ask questions.

Some user-friendly tips for using this blog:

  • MENU & PAGES – The horizontal menu above has links to PAGES on the blog, all of which have persistent content.
  • POSTS – The HOME page shows the most recent posts or announcements. Posts are not pages and won’t be found on  the horizontal menu at the top of the blog.
  • SEARCH – you can search for any content on the blog using the SEARCH box, upper right.
  • EDIT – If you need to Edit a post you have written, click EDIT. You can also start a new post and LEAVE A REPLY on any post or page.

I hope this blog is helpful. Please make suggestions for blog content below by clicking on LEAVE A REPLY, or contact Karen.

Thank you!


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